Why We Are Different?


Viroshield have been meticulously formulated to ensure your kid enjoys doing what he/she is fond of and not having to deal with problems.

Viroshield patches are totally unique. In fact, you’ll not find a similar kind of product for your kid anywhere else, be it in India or elsewhere. The active natural ingredients used in making the patches, like lemongrass, clove, camphor, basil, and lavender are what makes them one-of-a-kind. The goodness of these ingredients is provided to your child through our anti-viral products and this is exactly the reason why you need to be trying it out.

The natural shield that our anti-viral patches provide in the air to your young helps him/her to get the much needed protection. Our patches are new in the market and can be tried out by anyone, irrespective of one’s age. The patches are water-proof and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Even the rich aroma of the patches help in their own way! Your kid or anyone else using the patches is sure to get a good night’s sleep, thanks to its aroma.

We suggest you to use our anti-viral patches once to get a feel of its working style. A product like Viro Shield anti-viral patches is worth trying on your young one, especially when you know it is completely natural and have no side-effects whatsoever. We bet you’ll fall in love with these patches and consider trying them out on a regular basis.

It is important that anti-viral patches that are used for children are water-proof and flexible to use for different weather conditions. But the sad part with most of the patches you get on the market is that they do not meet these criteria’s. Viro Shield is different and flexible at the same time. Our time-tested anti-viral patches are water-proof. Furthermore, they can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings.The way our patches work is also different, at least when compared to other patches. The natural ingredients used in our patches create a protective shield-like air that will help fight against airborne diseases and microorganisms. What this means is that all airborne dangers will not be able to access your child and that he/she will be fully protected. However, ordinary patches do not work this way. Therefore, when you use these patches, your child is directly exposed to the external dangers. Our anti-viral patches are also beneficial in soothing cold and flu conditions. They also promote a good night’s sleep.





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