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Viroshield is a great invention especially when you hate the idea of putting chemicals on your skin to save yourself from any infection. I really love the invention of this Anti Viral Patches. I bought it for my daughters, but now me too is using it as its fragrance keep me very active for the day long and in the addition it has a power to keep mosquitos away.

Punita Rajpal

36 Years

As a father of 2 daughters living in New Delhi we spend a lot of time outdoors, and a lot of time and money trying to find products that keep my daughters well and protected from all incoming bacterias away. We were searching for some vaccinations but couldn’t find. Then one of my friend asked me to try Viroshield which keeps viral, Infections and flu away from Children with its natural ingredients strength. I bought it from Amazon. It’s a yellow colour Patch looks very stylish on Cloths. My both the daughters tried it and told me that they really feeling active and also it protects them from Mosquitos as well.

Thanks a lot to inventors of Viroshield.



38 years.

Its a reality, I was at my Mother’s home and my niece was suffering from Cold and Infections and due to the same her eyes were infected. One of my Neighbour suggested Viroshield to me as he was using the same with his daughters and gave me 2 patches and I immediately sticked it to my niece cloths, its fragrance was really awesome and in another 3 hours I found my niece who were feeling lazy 3 hours back started playing with my brother and in sometime she was perfectly alright.

Thanks Vicky Bhaiya for the awareness of this nice invention. I Love you Viroshield.

Neetu Malik

27 Years

What Clients Say


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